Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve you we have compiled the most frequently asked questions we receive to help guide you as you decide if a concierge physician is right for you.
What benefits are there to being a concierge patient?
  • Same day appointments
  • Same day prescription refills
  • Quick test results
  • Quick appointments with specialists
  • Appointment coordination with specialists
  • Physician coordination with hospital visits, home health, and/or testing facilities
  • Weekend & after-hours access to your doctor in case of an emergency
  • Telemedicine in the event that you’re out of town or traveling
Why is there a monthly fee to see the Doctor?

Most physicians are expected to see up to 60 patients a day. Can you even imagine being a physician and giving your full attention to each and every patient while extending the proper amount of care and knowledge? We can’t imagine it either. However, our physicians have both worked with companies that held these expectations, and at the end of every day they were both exhausted and felt they weren’t giving their patients the care they deserve. Hence why they opened Premier MD Care. We’ve found that by charging an affordable monthly fee, our physicians are able to keep their patient load down to just 10-15 patients a day rather than the usual 60. This allows the doctors to have a much more comprehensive and personal relationship with every patient, every day!

Do I still need to have insurance/Will visits be run through insurance?

Yes! Your office visits will still be run through your health insurance. However, we do offer self-pay rates for patients that do not have health benefits. Remember, the monthly concierge fee is so that we can maintain fewer patients and offer every patient the time and care they deserve.

Will my co-pay still be collected?

Yes! If you have a co-pay, it will be collected at the time of check-in!

How is this any different than going to a regular doctor?

Concierge care is different than going to a regular doctor due to the fact that the experience is much more comprehensive and personal. The physicians take time to look through your health history, family history, make sure all your preventative care is constantly up to date, stay in communication with your specialists, etc. It’s having a doctor that you don’t have to remind everything to every time you meet with them.

What makes Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik & Dr. Ivan Cvik better physicians?

Non-stop training, compassion, and the constant curiosity of always learning about new protocols, procedures, and techniques to offer the utmost exceptional care.

A side note from office manager, Chelsea Kraft: — “I’ve worked with the Cvik’s since 2017 and I can wholeheartedly say I have never in my life seen so much compassion extended from a physician to a patient. They have genuinely changed the game of patient-centered healthcare. When you become a part of our practice, you become a part of our family. Between both the physicians and staff, we truly have every patients best-interest at heart and are always involved and on top of everything going on with each individual patient. I feel truly lucky to be a part of a company that is so selfless, involved, and knowledgeable.”  

I'm young and perfectly healthy! What would be the benefit of having a concierge physician?

Being able to stay healthy!! So many things can sneak up on us fast and can deliver devastating results. While this is rare, we also are aware that it can happen to anyone, including the healthiest people. That’s why being involved in your health and making sure that all preventative measures are being taken can literally be a lifesaver!

How do I know which physician to choose?

Come in for a complimentary consultation and meet them both!

What if I'm traveling or out of town and get sick?

No problem! Just give us a call/text/or email!

I only live in Florida part-time. How does that work?

We can still play a vital role in your health even when you’re not currently in Florida. We just need to make sure that we see you for an initial evaluation and at least 2x a year thereafter! The rest of the time we can usually just communicate through telemedicine or video conferencing!

Will I see the doctor regularly or will the majority of my visits be with a P.A./N.P?

We do not utilize the services of P.A’s or N.P’s. Our physicians prefer to work directly with their patients.

Are there any discounts if you're interested in signing your spouse or entire family up?

Absolutely! Call today and find out during your complimentary consultation!

Do the physicians see patients under the age of 18?

At this time, our physicians do not see patients under the age of 18.

One of the perks of concierge service is being able to access my physician during non-office hours during an emergency. How will I get a hold of the physician during those times?

As soon as you become a concierge patient, you will be given a card that has all of our after-hour/emergency contact information including phone numbers and emails!

If I were to be hospitalized, would the physicians be able to visit and treat me there?

While our physicians can not personally treat you in the hospital, they have hospital access and always communicate with the treating hospital physician to stay up to speed and give their personal recommendations!

I am unable to make routine office visits due to scheduling conflicts and/or mental or physical limitations, are the physicians able to treat me at home?

Our physicians offer different levels of concierge care! If you are unable to make it to the office – we can come to you with our Home Concierge plan!

Am I able to pay for the full year instead of monthly payments? Is there a discount for paying in full?

Yes! You may absolutely pay for the full year at a discounted rate rather than paying monthly!

Can I just send a check monthly or bring cash when I come for visits?

At this time we do not accept checks or cash payments for Concierge monthly payments. A card or checking account must be placed on file.

Any other perks I should know about?

Yes!!! As a concierge member you will receive 10% off MedSpa 22 services! This includes skincare products, supplements, procedures, BioTe Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Nutrient Therapy, Weight Loss program and so much more!