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We have a little secret we want to share with you, when it comes to your health, traditional health insurance payment options within the classic model of primary care, pay for procedures instead of results. In fact, in many ways, we are penalized financially for spending more time with patients, which is what is necessary to provide thoughtful, whole-person, preventative care. As traditional primary care doctors, we weren’t satisfied with that model of care, and that’s the number one reason we chose to switch to the concierge medicine model of care instead.

Caring for every ASPECT of your health
As your primary care doctor, we need time to explain your treatment regimen or perhaps even to explain when no treatment is necessary. When we have the time to really be with you, we can take everything into account based on the way you are communicating.
at the doctor's office
Continuity of care means that you have a long term established relationship with your doctor. Your PCP knows you and your health goals and helps you manage your health, whether through preventative maintenance or continued management of any conditions you may have. By tracking your health over time, your doctor gains valuable information and can make better treatment decisions in a shorter amount of time than if you simply went to an urgent care with a health problem.
Because your primary care doctor truly knows you, they can go beyond simple routine screenings. They can ask the right questions and know your body well enough to be able to find symptoms of health issues before they become larger problems. By being aware of your overall health, your doctor can identify any changes in your body, recommend lifestyle changes, immunizations you may need and any testing to help you lower your risk of developing disease. Going to the doctor should be more than just a visit when you are feeling sick. By going for regular physicals, you hold onto your good health longer.

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