Why Concierge

Today, the majority of primary care physicians have no option but to treat thousands of patients in order to maintain their practice. Concierge physicians keep their patient loads much smaller. This means we can eliminate long waits in the lobby, rushed appointments, and band-aid treatments in favor of thoughtful, personalized care.

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A physician who takes the time to really listen to you


Unhurried visits and longer appointment times


A physician who is always available to you, even on the weekends, evenings and holidays


To be seen by your personal physician every time you come to the office and not be seen by an assistant (nurse practitioner or physicians assistant)


To be referred to the best, select group of specialists


To receive personalized attention that only a smaller, membership practice can provide


To have a physician who takes the time to focus on wellness, nutrition and preventative care


Because you deserve…

You deserve to have your own dedicated healthcare concierge—at your service.

Everyone knows that the biggest problem with getting medical care is the long wait for an appointment. Once you finally get an appointment scheduled, you may have to wait another hour in the lobby before the doctor is ready to see you. This is a huge hassle that takes precious time out of your day, especially when you’re just visiting for a check-up or a simple test. This is why we are proud to offer concierge care at our center in Fort Myers, Florida.

Concierge care ensures that you get the highest-quality medical care possible. This type of personalized service can be accessed by paying a small fee, which entitles you to a large set of perks that are not available with traditional medical care. Once you experience concierge care in Fort Myers, Florida, you will wonder what took you so long to make the change.

The biggest perk of concierge medical care is the personalized service you will receive with each and every appointment. Concierge care gives you access to longer appointments with the physician of your choice. You can also rest assured that you will get to see your physician—not a replacement—every time you visit us. This means you will always get to visit with someone who knows you, listens to your concerns and respects your preferences. You will never feel rushed to end an appointment as quickly as possible.

In addition to removing the hassles of medical care, you are also guaranteed to get the best treatments when choosing concierge care at our center in Fort Myers. The near constant access to your personal doctor allows you to build an excellent relationship with us. Your private physician will easily get to learn everything about your medical history, personal concerns and preferences. This means quicker diagnoses, longer appointments and far more personalized care.

All the benefits of concierge care in Fort Myers, FL are possible because your doctor gets to know you on a deep and personal level. Your annual fee guarantees that you instantly become a VIP, and you will get treated like one every time you set up an appointment.

The perks of concierge care go on and on. If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of this new system, we would be happy to help you learn more by contacting our office in Fort Myers to schedule your first appointment or speak to one of our dedicated professionals!

Be in Control of Your Health Through Concierge Care

Learning every detail about an individuals health takes time that many doctors aren’t able to provide any more in many medical offices due to the high pressure and demands of corporations and insurance companies. Before you know it, things start to get overlooked, tests get put on the back burner, and many patients begin to feel hopeless in their pursuit of ever feeling their best again.

That type of medical care just isn’t for us. Luckily, we were blessed enough to open Premier MD Care in 2015 and are able to be your biggest health advocate and restore the doctor-patient relationship that our patients both seek and deserve.

Join our practice today and see the difference! Together, we can break the communication barrier that’s standing between you and your healthiest self!