Dr. Ivan Cvik

Dr. Ivan Cvik grew up in Bratislava, Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia) with his two incredible parents and basked in the serene bliss of being an only child. In his youth, he loved building model planes and tinkering with different projects. This has yet to change! Today, you’ll catch him building cabinets (check out our gorgeous retail display area), wrought iron doors, and fixing any and everything. His current big project is rebuilding an old 1950’s Chevy! We stopped asking questions about the random parts and tools that got delivered to the office daily about 2 projects ago!

Dr. Cvik knew early on that he was interested in the medical field and helping others. Thus began his long education towards becoming a physician. Dr. Ivan Cvik graduated with honors from Comenius Medical School and at the age of 21, he accepted a medical externship in the U.S. and moved! His externship was in Cardiology at Indiana University. He decided to stay in the states due to current political changes in his country and having better opportunity and growth here. Dr. Ivan went on to do his Internal Medicine residency at Wright State University.

Dr. Ivan Cvik


Dr. Ivan Cvik provides Cosmetic Injectables (Botox, Dermal Fillers, Sculptra, etc), ThermiTight procedures, Lipo Dissolve injections, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss, Stem Cell Therapy, and Concierge Primary Care!


Dr. Cvik barely knew English when he moved here! He had to teach himself before taking both of his U.S. Medical exams and was fortunate to pass on his first attempt! (Most people have to take the exams several times to pass.) This made it possible for Dr. Ivan to go right into residency!
After finishing his residency and getting married to (you guessed it!) Dr. Jelin Israel-Cvik, they moved to a small farming community south of Columbus, OH, where he worked in a clinic for a few years before moving to Florida with his wife and children in 2003. Needless to say, he loved the Florida sunshine so much, that he’s been here ever since!
At some point around 2013/2014, Dr. Ivan Cvik began dabbling in the aesthetic world and it just so happened he was instantly hooked and extremely talented at it! In 2015, Dr. Cvik and his wife opened up Premier MD Care, a concierge medical practice. This gave them the ability to provide a patient-centered practice where they could really evaluate their clients overall health and provide them with the most exceptional care possible.
In 2017, MedSpa 22 was born! (Yay!) Dr. Ivan Cvik has since taken on intense education, always staying up to date on state of the art products, equipment, and techniques. He’s provided aesthetic services to thousands of clients in SWFL and is nothing short of a perfectionist. His attention to detail and eye for symmetry and balance has been keeping our gorgeous clients looking young and feeling confident!