Concierge Medicine: What We Offer

The healthcare landscape is changing, and doctors are increasingly showing interest in a practice model known as concierge medicine. You can think of concierge medicine as being a little like when you pay an attorney a retainer fee for various services rendered on an as-needed basis. In the medical community, this model where the patient is paying a monthly, quarterly or annually retainer fee ensures that the doctor’s expenses and livelihood are covered more adequately than when they have to constantly fight with insurance companies to pay on services rendered. When these insurance companies reimburse the doctor for services rendered, it can take a long time for the doctor to be paid. However, if the patient opts to pay the doctor a retainer up front, this frees the doctor up from having to rely so heavily on insurance companies compensating the doctor after you have had an office visit. The following are some services we offer to our patients that may not be available from other doctors.

Less Wait Times

There is nothing more annoying than showing up to your doctor’s appointment on time, but then having to wait for what seems like an eternity to actually see the doctor. It is more aggravating when you are watching other people being called back before your name is called. With our concierge medicine service, we do not see as many patients as a standard practice would, so we can get our patients in on time without needing to make you wait in the lobby for an extended duration that ends up dragging on long past your actual appointment time.

Digital Access

When patients are gone, at the end of the day, our job is not finished. This is when we dedicate time to respond to important messages, answer emails and make sure that our patients can catch us when we are available to talk about their health concerns at length. This makes it easier for you (the patient) to get any questions answered that might come to you after normal office hours. So, we encourage all our patients to ask questions or express their concerns over healthcare and management issues they may be experiencing.

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As you can see, concierge medicine has its benefits. Make an appointment at MedSpa 22’s Premier MD Care in Fort Myers to learn more about the services we provide. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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