Migraine Relief May Be Just a Phone Call Away

We all know how awful it is to have a headache, and for the 12% of Americans who chronically get migraine headaches the pain is so severe that it interferes with their daily activities. The medical establishment has not nailed down exactly what causes migraines yet, although signs lead to genetics and environmental factors. Migraines […]

Why Should You Get Tested for Hepatitis C

  The Hepatitis C virus affects more than 2 million adults and is the leading cause of liver-related death in the United States. That’s the bad news. The good news is that recent breakthroughs in the past five years have provided drug treatments that can treat and cure Hepatitis C (HCV infection). Hepatitis means inflammation […]

Does Your Primary Care Doctor Really Know You?

  The Importance of a New Patient Intake With all the changes in healthcare and health insurance, most of us have had several primary care doctors over our lifetimes. Plus, many of us living here in Southwest Florida are not native to the area, so we had to seek out a new primary care doctor […]

Telemedicine: One of the Privileges of Our Signature Concierge Care

learn about telemedicine

One of the fastest-growing trends in healthcare is the use of telemedicine according to a recent survey conducted by Cisco. The survey found that 74% of patients say they prefer easy access to healthcare services over in-person interactions with healthcare providers. In today’s healthcare world, convenience is key. Telemedicine is a means of practicing health […]

Regular Screening, The Key to Catching The Signs of Skin Cancer Early

Regular Screening, The Key to Catching The Signs of Skin Cancer Early

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, and UV exposure is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer. That’s why the American Academy of Dermatology is encouraging you to “practice safe sun” every time you are outdoors. Wear protective clothing, seek out the shade, and always use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum SPF 30 or […]