Stem Cell Therapy Provides Relief from Joint Pain and More

Osteoarthritis affects 30 million people nationally. It’s the kind of wear and tear arthritis that those of us who are active and love sports and physical activity tend to get as we get a little older. Let’s face it, even if you are not someone who’s into adrenaline-fueled sports, chances are good that the regular […]

An Ounce of Prevention—The Concierge Medicine Approach

When it comes to our health here in the U.S., we’ve gotten used to simply going to the doctor when we are feeling sick. At that time, we typically see our primary care physician for 10 minutes, get our prescription for whatever our symptoms are, and are on our way. After all, that’s all the […]

Concierge Medicine: What We Offer

The healthcare landscape is changing, and doctors are increasingly showing interest in a practice model known as concierge medicine. You can think of concierge medicine as being a little like when you pay an attorney a retainer fee for various services rendered on an as-needed basis. In the medical community, this model where the patient […]